It's hard to capture what special effects look like in photos alone. Watch these videos of effects done by the Pyro Guys:

Click to play... Confetti Shot

Watch how confetti can be used to highlight key components of a presentation. Here, the speaker announces a major funding initiative, and a confetti shot is used to excite the crowd. (MPEG1 format, 6.2MB)

Click to play... Gerb Show

Opening sequence to a rally. Over 4000 people watch as GERBS accent and surround motivational speakers. Excite your crowd. (MPEG1 format, 5.8MB)

Click to play... Gerb Wand

Short demo of how a gerb wand can be used as a way to hold fire in your hand. Those are REAL sparks CAUTION is always required. (MPEG1 format, 3.78MB)


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