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We can provide almost any special effect imaginable, and do it on time and budget for you. Here's a small selection of the most common pyrotechnic and confetti effects our customers request:


Airbursts are small, easily concealed, indoor pyrotechnic devices that are usually suspended from standard stage trusses. When detonated, they create a bright flash with a sphere of sparks which dazzle your audience. Typically, 12 to 24 are hung in a line and fired randomly to give the illusion of outdoor aerial fireworks.

Multiple airbursts are best used to end a sequence of other pyro shots. If you plan on having smaller pyro effects over the course of the event, airbursts can make an excellent finale to the event as a whole.

Flame Projectors

Flame effects present a powerful, lasting image to your audience. Flame projectors are pyrotechnic devices which create a column of flame by burning a constant flow of propane. The colour and time of flame can be controlled.


Pyrotechnic waterfalls create a curtain of silver sparks that give an extended effect. They're generated from vertical or horizontally mounted tubes which fire a composition containing aluminum. Waterfall shells produce the same effect and are best fired en masse to produce a spectacle.

Click to enlarge... Fountains

Fountains of sparks are created by using pyro called Gerbs placed on the ground and fired upward. Timed correctly, these gerb fountains can make an effective introduction to any production or accent highlights in a presentation.

Here's Chris' very own wedding using a combination of gerb fountains and a fog machine to make an exciting first dance!


Confetti effects scream "Celebration!" to your crowd and get them enthused and energetic for your announcement, be it a sales pitch, an award presentation or just kicking off a great party. Fired with compressed gas, confetti can be in all shapes, sizes and colours, effectively involving your audience.

Watch a video of a Pyro Guys confetti shot used at an announcement of a major funding donation.

Printed Confetti

Cover your audience in your message-whether it's a company logo, a new sales slogan, a product name, or just a simple word like the ones shown here. Confetti can be custom printed with almost any graphic or text.


Multicoloured streamers make for an impressive display and are perfect for confetti styled shots with very little cleanup afterwards. Fired just like confetti, these 30' streamers.

Streamers can be combined with different coloured confetti to give a festive effect-great for company parties and sales celebrations!

Air Puffs

Imagine an effect your audience can take away-like a phone number, website address or promotional slogan. Try firing airpuffs instead of confetti in your show! These small soft balls of microfabric come in a variety of colours and can be printed with your message on a ribbon attached to each puff.


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