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Streamer Guns

Give an awesome display of streamers arcing across your presentation! Use Pyro Guys' Streamer Guns to highlight a banner reveal, spotlight a presenter or just add a little flare to your event.

  • Uses pressurized CO2 cartridges
  • Easy and convenient firing
Click to for a larger view... Terminal Box

Want to add variety to your pyro shows using your existing Pyropak controllers? Fire Air Cannons from your Pyropak controller using the Pyro Guys' Terminal Box to convert your Pyropak XLR/Cannon 4-pin runs to drive new devices.

  • XLR 4pin input with passthrough for looping
  • 3 prong AC IEC output
  • Convenient mounting loop
Gerb Wand

Add excitment to your stage presentations with these affordable and vibrant Gerb wands. Fires a safe yet visually attractive shower of sparkles and can be used with a minimum of training and supervision. Great for your on stage talent.

  • Dual safety triggers
  • 9V battery power

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